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Gentle fine sterile Japanese-style needles are used to activate specific points to regulate the Meridians. This stimulates the flow of Qi & blood whilst clearing energy blockages (pain) throughout the entire body, increasing normal body functions including immune support.

Initial Consultation: 

1 1/2 hrs - $135.00
Follow-Up Consultations: 1hr - $100.00


45 mins -$120.00

chinese  patent herb formulas 

Chinese Patent Herbal formulas and Practitioner only Supplements are available, alongside

regular acupuncture or massage can be very beneficial to one's wellness and health

See in Clinic for Prices

swedish &



Swedish involves gentle relaxing strokes and allowing endorphins to flood the system to create a relaxed skin tissue and help release tension.

The Remedial  technique involves a deeper tissue massage to help with muscle tension. This is a more personally suited massage that takes into account specific sore areas caused from physical activities, trauma or structural problems. Myofascial release may be used.

 1/2 hr - $75.00

1hr -$100.00

musculoskeletal therapy

This is for the release of tension in all joints, muscles or range of motion problems. It involves trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. This is true body work.

Lymphatic Drainage is to help clear toxins from the system.

An extremely relaxing skin massage that helps with the flow of lymphatic fluid through the system.


1/2 hr - $75.00

1 hr - $100.00


Glass suction cups are applied to many areas of the body, sports injuries and tight muscles. Cupping is excellent at providing relief from certain conditions.

infants &


No needle treatments for infants and children.  Gentle  "Shoninsin"  paediatric  tools are used in quick effective support of:



Sleeping problems




And many more common

childhood ailments

 1/2 hr  - $55.00

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