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The Immune System...

Traditionally Chinese Medicine has been used for building immunity and preventing illness as opposed to treating illness when it arises.

At Soulqi we aim to increase the immunity and overall health of all members of your family in a relaxed, warm environment.

Building immune function of your family will decrease colds and sniffles, limit sick days and set up your children to thrive in adulthood.

Our immune systems are challenged and impaired by colder weather, lack of natural vitamin D, stress, and poor diet.

A compromised or dysfunctional immune system is a major component of most chronic diseases. Poor nutrition, stress and exposure to harmful agents all lead to a declining immune system. Once compromised, a weak immune system results in frequent colds, allergies, and reoccurring infections.

Acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, cupping and nutrition are tools that can be used to keep the immune system strong and healthy.

Regular Acupuncture can regulate immune function, reduce symptoms, speed up the healing of infection and normalise the body’s immune response.

If you feel like your immune system could benefit from some extra support, make an Acupuncture appointment with one of our 3 amazing Acupuncture practitioners. or Phone 5439 0094

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